A Thriving Economy for a Caring Society 

"Great Aspirations. Great Britain."

Do you value a strong NHS, well-funded schools. and help for those like the disabled that need it?


Do you believe a strong and thriving economy is required to provide the funds? A thriving economy that also provides you and your family with jobs and prosperity?


Do you fear how a 'hard' Brexit could hit businesses, jobs and inflation - hard - and undermine those aims?  Do you fear the cuts in the NHS and other public services that the Tories could make?


Well here's the party that supports you and YOUR views. The Just Political Party. Just for you!


The Just Political Party is bringing together moderates from both sides of the political spectrum.  This is Compassionate Conservatives together with Progressives from Labour and the left.  


Our aim is to be in contention to be in Government within 10 years.  That means bringing together existing MPs, activists and voters to form a credible, powerful force in UK politics.


In addition to parliamentary elections, we will also be recruiting candidates to stand in future local and any European elections.


Do you agree with our aims and values?

Westminster here we come!

It is The Just Party's ambition to be in a position to be in power within 10 years, preferably sooner.

This is in the true national interest and truly for the many, not the few.

Unimpressed by existing parties?

Did you vote Tory in 2017 or 2015, despite not liking their lurch to the right with a hard Brexit in prospect?


In 1997, did you vote for New Labour, but don't like Labour's lurch to the left under Corbyn?


Do you find you want to vote for "None of the Above" and want to vote FOR a party that really represents your views?

Aims, Principles and Objectives

Our blog tells you more about The Just Political Party and how it represents you, your aspirations and your beliefs.


Plus news as it happens.  Follow us on Twitter for the latest announcements.

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