You Want An Anti-Brexit Party?  You've Got It!

There needs to be a strong Anti-Brexit voice in Parliament

Do you believe that Brexit will improve or reduce the UK economy?


VoteLeave last year promised 'sunny uplands' of trading with the world whilst effectively maintaining the existing trading relationship with the EU.  Two key problems with that:

  1. We can't expect as good a trading deal with the EU as being in the EU.  The EU has made this clear. Otherwise other countries would want to leave and the EU would disintegrate.
  2. International trade deals take years to negotiate, and that can't start until the UK leaves the EU. The 'sunny uplands' is a medium term vision at best. 

So everyone agrees the short term economic impact will be negative. Brexiters and Remainers alike.  The Chancellor has reportedly budgeted £60 billion by 2020 to cover the negative impact


Any future economic advantages, if any were to arise, would be building on a lower base. In other words, the negative impact of Brexit is ongoing.  For years and years and years.


The Just Party has two principle aims:

  1. A Thriving Economy
  2. A Caring Society

We can't have a well-funded NHS or pay for other public services without the economy generating the money.  That is obvious.


Anything that risks a hit to the economy is not acceptable, surely?  Especially a hit as big as Brexit.  Any non-economic benefits of Brexit are not worth the cost.  In any case there are also non-economic disadvantages that arguably balance out.


So isn't the only logical position on Brexit to be against it?


The Just Party is therefore unambiguously Anti-Brexit.


Yes, but it is ridiculous to think that voters gave the Government authority for Brexit at any cost. It is also ridiculous that voters should have no further say.  That includes the ability to say "Stop Brexit".


It is better to think of the Referendum as a 'starting gun', not a finishing line.


Some have suggested a second referendum. The EU has said that the UK can change its mind and remain in the EU.  A second referendum would encourage the EU to strike a bad deal that UK voters could nonetheless accept.  Given that risk, a second referendum isn't the answer.  It would also mean waiting until the end of the process. 


The answer must be to give the UK voters the option to stop Brexit at any time.  The Just Party can provide that option by representation in Parliament.


The Just Party would also create a centrist party that avoids the pendulum of two-party politics, and directly delivers what the majority of voters want.


A WIN-WIN for the UK.  Do you agree?  If so, click here.


On Sunday the BBC asked "Whatever next?  Might we even see a political party, say The Just Party, come out of nowhere and turn everything on its head?"

Sunday Politics South, 25 June 2017.


Yes we can!  Do support us!

A Thriving Economy For A Caring Society

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