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Are you interested in being an MP?

  • Are you an existing or former Conservative MP?  If so click here
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  • Are you otherwise interested in becoming an MP?  Then read on

Do you consider yourself a moderate who believes the UK should remain in the EU?  Then take a look at these two pages:

Does the vision make sense?  Are our aims in line with yours?  Would you like to take part?


Then we are interested in you joining our team and standing for The Just Party in the next General Election.  That could be as early as August 2017.


Do contact us so we can have a preliminary talk. 


If you can get together with like-minded people, such as from either the Labour or Conservative parties, then even better.  A group of at least ten MPs defecting to The Just Party and being re-elected will have a major impact on the Commons maths, and would neutralise the DUP deal on Brexit matters.


Together let's stop Brexit and make a long-term success of The Just Party!

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