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The Just Political Party is looking to be able to be in power in Westminster within 10 years.


That involves bringing together moderates from the Labour and Conservative parties, "the compassionate conservatives", and setting up the machinery of a fully-functioning national political party.

That means we need help OnLine, OnFoot and OnCard:

  1. If you 'd like to spread the message on social media, please do so.  Hashtag #TheJustParty
  2. If you personally know people, especially moderate MPs, then do bring the vision and plan to their attention
  3. A party costs money to run.  As a party we can currently spend some £180k a year, which is the nominal target for our fund-raising campaign. Please donate whatever you can.
  4. Anything else you can do or supply to help the cause will be gratefully received.


A Thriving Economy For A Caring Society

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